Holy Calamity!


Now it’s obviously been a hot minute since the last time we’ve posted anything on this here website, BUT we’re back at it. Updating all of you on the goings on of Miss Calamity Sam is our goal. With that let’s get right to it. 🙂

Fierce Calamity

Sam has been really, really busy lately. Not only has she been continuing her work with House of Tarot, she’s also been making those wonderful and comfortable butt covers that we all love as well as planning, planning, planning. And of course, dancing and teaching. Lately she’s been teaching the most killer fusion class that combines a little bit of belly dance with some sweet, sweet hip hop and it’s called Mixtape. ::psst, you should check out the clips on Instagram here: @calamitysam:: If you’re interested in joining her for this, classes are $20 drop in Mondays from 7-8:30 p.m. at Ellen Webb Studio in Emeryville. And, of course, there is mix level ITS right after that from 8:40-10 p.m. also $20 drop in, same day, same place! Join us!!

house of tarot photo

As many of you know, traveling and dance happen; sometimes separately, sometimes together. In this case, it’s happening together and it’s going to be pretty spectacular. Want to know why? Because Calamity Sam is going to be heading out to the Chicago area June 22-25, 2017 for Tribal Revolution! That’s right, folks, she will be there performing with House of Tarot and teaching two workshops, Calamitous Combos and I’ve Got a Secret…(Stage Presence and Tricks). If you are planning on attending, you better head on over to the Tribal Revolution website and get your tickets now. Calamity Sam with Fans

As always, huge thanks for checking out the page, giving it a little like, and maybe sharing it with your friends.  Keep your eyes peeled for more posts and updates. I promise, they will keep happening!


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