So we got a little off schedule on posting…

But now we’re working real hard to get you as much info on Calamity Sam’s adventures as soon as we can. Shall we get started? Okay, then.

This past weekend was the Wham Bam Thank You Sam event in Pocatello, ID. Sam got to visit with some awesome Hot Pot family members and gave a couple of workshops. Here is a photo from the weekend.

pocatello workshops

Sam was honestly honored and excited to see this part of her Hot Pot family, and extended fusion dancers, again. These 2 workshops were the most fun she’s had teaching in quite a while. Pocatello, Twin Falls, Salt Lake, BILLINGS! You all were amazing, and the experience was one to remember.

Her adventures up north are not over yet, though. She’s also going to get up on stage with Beats Antique on Oct. 20 for their Boise, ID show at the Knitting Factory. Woohoo!

Just a few short days later, she’ll be in Placerville, CA for another Beats Antique show on Oct. 23. Information for both shows is here:

Beats Antique

November is shaping up to be quite busy. Here is what is on the calendar so far.

Remember when we mentioned that Sam was working out the details to get a second round of Hot Pot I.T.S. classes at Fat Chance®? Welp, it’s happening starting on Nov. 5th on Thursday evenings! Again, this is a Level 1 class. It’s a six week series with 2 hour classes. It’s more condensed and a little more intense than the previous 8 week series. So put those dancy pants on and get ready to delve into this awesome format. The info is here:

hot pot fat chance


Shadow DanceSaturday, Nov. 7 Sam will be performing with Zoe Jakes for an event called Shadow Dance. Come on down and watch some dark and mysterious expressions of art.

Here is the info:




There will be a new 8 week series of Level 1 starting at Ellen Webb studios. This Monday evening class is slightly slower paced than the Thursday night class.


A couple of quick things that we’ll mention again but we really want to tell you about, are these events that will be coming up this next year. Sam is so excited and honored to have been asked to perform and/or teach at both of these events. This next year is already looking awesome. We can’t wait to see what else comes up so stay tuned for more information. If you are interested in checking these two events out early, just click on the photos and you will be sent to their websites.

reigning down

cues 16We just want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that has been checking out the blog. We appreciate it and we’ll keep posting so that you can share in the adventures of Calamity Sam.


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