All The Dancey Times- Better Late Than Never

So many things have been happening in the world of our beloved Calamity Sam that, if you’re not careful, you might blink and miss her. Seriously, she’s turned into a whirling dervish of dance insanity. Looking at her calendar is enough to induce nightmares in lesser mortals, but for Sam, she keeps chugging along. It’s quite impressive. Of course, that observation is completely biased.

So let’s have a few thoughts about ALL of the things that happened in the last 2 months. Okay, maybe not ALL of the things, but some pretty memorable ones. Sound good? Yes.

DanceCraft: Key of Diamonds: This was the second round of the first level of DanceCraft and the material was so much more solid. Even knowing the curriculum, going through it a second time really benefitted her as much or more than the first go ’round. She is so happy and honored to be a part of the DanceCraft team.

Jamballah: There is so much to be said for this event that it was hard to sum it up, but here’s what really stood out: It was really well organized, had a great venue, and so many talented artisans and performers in attendance. The thing that made the biggest impression on Sam was that everyone there seemed so relaxed the entire time even with all that was going on.  

Gold Rush: Calamity Sam and Underground Nomads were happy to be part of this week long bellydance event again.  Having a San Francisco/Bay Area based event like this is vital to the Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance community. Bravo to Jill Parker and Stephanie Fields for all of their hard work before, during, and after the event!

‘DUST’ Screening: Sam not only soloed, but also got to share the stage and dance with her friends and teachers- UNMATA. Getting the opportunity to share the stage with them is always a highlight for her, and an honor.  Speaking of UNMATA, Sam held a weekend Immersion class for Level 1 Hot Pot I.T.S. She is super proud of her 2nd round immersion participants. Everyone was super attentive and assimilated the information quickly. Basically, they kicked ass! Last month also saw the beginning of a new adventure and opportunity in teaching. Hot Pot I.T.S. classes at the Fat Chance Belly Dance® studios. What a thrill it was teaching at FCBD- BIG THANKS to everyone that came, and all those that stuck through until the end! Sam and the studio just worked out the NEW I.T.S. Level 1 series at FCBD (now on Thursdays) look out for that information!

Last but not least, Sam started a new Calamitous Choreography. The class culminates in a performance at Underground Nomads on October 13th. These ladies are looking great, and Sam is incredibly proud of them all. Come and get a little spooky with them next week at U.N.

To break up the monotony of this dialogue, here is a gorgeous post show photo of Sam:

Sam post show

Let’s talk a little about House of Tarot. September was the month of House of Tarot.  2014 edition of  H.o.T. was BIG. CRAZY. House of Tarot 2015 is a newer, more intimate edition- here for you with only 8 core cast members, but with the same artful intensity.  Those of you that attended ANY of the 3 shows of this tour can attest to the magical powers of dance and Tarot combined. Sam will be writing an entire post about this experience soon.

house of tarot

Stay tuned for more adventures in dancey times with Calamity Sam. (I wish I had a sound bit of her singing “Calamity  Sam”. I’ll work on that) We’re going to finish this post with all of the cutes. Fuzzy kittens.


Note from Sam:
Thanks to all of you that have attended classes, shows, events of any kind in our Tribal community in the last few months. We were dealt a huge blow to the greater psyche of our industry/global community in the Tribal Fest/Badass Festival scandal.  I want to personally thank each and every one of you that has stepped forward and taken a stand.

We are GREATER than this, and much more STRONG than most people realize.


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