Oh My God! Two in a Row?!

I know. I know… Two in a row. It seems too good to be true, but I can assure you that it is, in fact, true. Now that Sam has some help, things will get posted and on a regular basis. Woohoo!! Without further ado, here’s what’s new (rhyming was purely unintentional, but makes us laugh).

Calamitous Collective:
Shake the Bay saw the revival of their Tribal Fest 15 set- and they knocked it out of the park!

Calamitous Collective at Shake the Bay 2015 from Amberetta on Vimeo.

The Calamitous Collective is a group of dancers directed by Calamity Sam. They are all separately part of several other projects, but have come together to help Calamity Sam realize her vision for this choreography. This iteration of the Calamitous Collective features: Amina Zareh, Jenn Aguilar, Laura Elisabeth, Sarah Stinson, and Shanti Bardot. thecalamitysam.com
Music: “We Sink” by Chvrches and “James Dean” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Sam also did a solo which you can view HERE.

Calamitous Costuming:

Sam’s sweatshop has been in full swing producing lots and lots of those oh-so-sweet (and wonderfully comfortable) Butt Covers! Here they are waiting for the finishing touches..

butt covers

And now for the portion of our program called “I have how many things on my calendar?!” where we tell you ALL OF THE THINGS that Sam is doing. For this month at least.

Upcoming Events:

August 2-6: Oakland CA | Zoe Jakes’ DanceCraft: Key of Diamonds | Again! Again again again! (it’s only the second time around- but more, please) This week long intensive is the the brainchild of Zoe Jakes, and Sam excited and honored to be a part of the support team. If you’re on the fence about signing up for DanceCraft- don’t be! You will come out the other side a stronger and more grounded dancer.

August 7- 9: JamBallah NW in Portland, OR | So many things are happening here.
Performance with Coven Dance Company.
Vending: You’ve seen ’em on the butts of Unmata, members of House of Tarot, the Bhoomi Project and FatChanceBellyDance. Calamity Sam’s famous Butt Covers by Calamitous Costuming have taken the I.T.S. world by storm, and are making their first appearance at JamBallah’s Vendor Faire. Jewelry, Accessories, “Dance it Like You Love it” Tanks, T-shirts and Stickers too.
And there’s also the JamBallah NW After Party with Electric Vardo and Sepiatonic. 

15 flyer front webJamballah afterparty

August 14- September 4: I.T.S. Level 1 at FCBD® . Sam is super excited and is getting more and more registrations. Which makes the excitement level increase. Don’t forget, it will be every Friday from 7-9pm at the Fat Chance Belly Dance ® Studio.


August 15-16: I.T.S. Level 1 Immersion. 10am-3pm. Here we go again. This is for all of the East Bay dancers that want to jam their brains full of Level 1 again. Pre-registration cost is $125. A weekend of Sam and I.T.S. dancing? All of the YES!


August 17-October 5: Calamitous Choreography @ Ellen Webb. Mondays from 7-8:30pm.  Sam is starting a new choreography. Here is a direct quote: “Being happy to create new things and stuff for the people. I’m so eloquent…” She is so excited that she has no words. Well, she has words but it’s just a jumble of yay.


August 18: Underground Nomads. Performance with MotherLode I.T.S.  Back to the original 3 now that Sofia has abandoned us…


August 22: Dust Premiere. Solo and performance with UNMATA.


August 27: Gold Rush Show. Dancing with Coven Dance Company.

gold rushJust Announced: Sam is extremely stoked to be included in a Super Spectacular lineup of awesomeness for Cues & Tattoos 2016!!!

So yeah. August. September will be a LITTLE less crazy- but still full. Hooray for dancey fun times.


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