A New Post. Whaaa???!!!

So, it’s been a while since an update has happened. For now it’s going to be limited to “What’s Calamity Sam Doing in the Next Few Weeks?”. Which, as it turns out, is a whole lot.

Calamitous Costuming:

Remember t-shirts being mentioned, like, a loooong time ago? Yeah, it totally happened. They sold out so fast. Are you sad about not getting one? As it happens, THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE. But until Sam gets her ass in gear and posts them on Etsy (coming soon….I promise) you can enjoy this photo of them. Aren’t they awesome?! The answer is, yes, yes they are.

Dance it tees

Upcoming Events:

Let’s start with this weekend.

July 11:  Shake The Bay. There will be soloing and a group performance with Calamitous Collective. Here’s the link: shakethebay.com

Shake the Bay

July 17:  Very stoked to perform as a part of Bhoomi Project with Beats Antique at the California World Fest. We’ll also have a special guest performance by UNMATA! More info here: worldfest.net

Cali World Fest:Grass Valley

July 27: For those that have gobbled up Level One and just can’t get enough of the I.T.S., Level Two Part A will be restarting.  It’s still Monday nights from 8:30-10:00pm at Ellen Webb Studios.

July 28: Underground Nomads is celebrating its 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Can you believe it?! The fun goes from 8-12 and is at the usual place (F8). Be there. It will be fun.

August 14- September 4: So we can hardly believe it, but this is HAPPENING! Amy Sigil’s Improvisational Tribal Style will be taught at the home of American Tribal Style®! Thanks to Carolena and ALL of the FatChanceBellyDance® crew for making this happen. Communities UNITE! Unmata Sigil, HERE WE GO!


You can register for the series HERE

As of now, Sam is back in rehearsal for House of Tarot and is SOOOOO excited about it. She feels so honored to still be a part of it and is thrilled to be able to work with such accomplished dancers and friends.

We hope you enjoyed this new update that cough~finally~cough happened. I have it on good authority that Sam’s adventures are ongoing and things WILL be posted (in a more timely manner).


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  1. Exciting news! I’m a bit-time Sam fan… gotta have one of those shirts. Thank you for spreading the love and being so all around awesome ❤
    Looking forward to your next update!

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