Updates are nice….if I would actually do them.

2014 was a beast. I believe I called it “The Awesome Nad-Crusher” several times. There were just about equal parts AWESOME and NAD-CRUSHING that happened. Between different performance opportunities on the awesome side (House of Tarot, Tribal Massive, Hot Pot Army, Cues & Tattoos, Tribal Fest, Bhoomi Project with Beats Antique…..) and the nad-crushing side (familial and friendship loss, change, grief)- it almost cancelled itself out. But, much like the kitten, I hung in there. And the results of a tumultuous year have paid off in several ways. hanginthere 2015 has already started out better and busier. I got to ring in the New Year with Beats Antique and the Bhoomi Girls at Sea of Dreams, start another choreography series, and perform with friends in Vancouver, BC. So far, so good. I’m really excited about everything that’s coming up!

1.) My choreography students are debuting my newest choreo at Underground Nomads on Feb 17th. It’s a big mash up of “me” and also Elizabeth Strong! I’ve been studying with her a little bit, and I pulled from what I learned in her classes to flavor this dance.

2.) Amar and I are heading to Sabrina Fox’s Tribal Trove in San Diego- we’re excited to see our Southern California family.

3.) I get to tag along with Bhoomi for a couple of Beats Antique shows in March.

4.) I’m teaching elements of I.T.S. at CUES & TATTOOS at the end of March- and putting together a rockin’ I.T.S. set- there will be several Hot Potters there! 5.) I’m organizing a group of 6 dancers/friends for new choreograpy at Tribal Fest and Shake the Bay!

Besides the different events coming up, my Level 1 I.T.S. class is re-starting at the end of the month, Level 2 is still chugging along, I’m experiencing FOMO because I couldn’t go to the I.T.S. Costa Rica retreat (WHHHYYYY???) and I’ll be learning ALL OF THE CHOREOGRAPHY for Coven and Bhoomi Project. Heehee. April and May come after that……and my brain is already exploding from all the things that may happen. ::twitchtwitch:: ANNNNDDDD I’ll try to be better about updates. Bring it on, 2015. 10846404_779181738820828_8459439022974750133_n


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