2014 still going strong…

Let’s pick this up where I left off. I was about to have my first performance as part of The Bhoomi Project with Beats Antique at The Independent in SF. It went really well. I had a LOT OF FUN. How can you not with these girls?


That night was one big WIN. 😀

THEN! I got to go to Tribal Massive with House of Tarot! My first time in Vegas, and I get to hang with extremely talented, lovely, and FUN people!

The show had some bumps(hey- it was the first time we had performed it), but it was still SO AMAZING! We’re still pluggin’ away at it- get ready to be BLOWN AWAY at Tribal fest. OH! And guess what? We’re doing a 3 night show for House of Tarot in August. IN OAKLAND! Hang on to yer hats, people. We’re comin to get ya!

Oh, and if you ever want to feel like a super hero, I suggest dancing with Zoe Jakes and Amy Sigil. Unmata invited Zoe, Krisenna (amazing ITS teacher) and I to improv with them at Massive. I felt like I could FLY after that!

PhotoGrid_1396581484913 PhotoGrid_1396581391823

This last weekend, I was able to perform and teach at Cues & Tattoos, an Improv-based festival in Seattle. This was my second year at Cues- Amar ran the afterparty for Adriene and Julia (the amazing ladies behind said festival) last year, and I was able to hang out, and perform at the afterparty with my gal Sam Riggs. (Love you Sammi!)

Last year just proved to us that this is- without a doubt- one of the most well run festivals we’ve been to.  You know what’s sexy? Producers that know how to DELEGATE! And not just to anyone- they delegate duties and tasks to people that actually *GASP* DO THEM! It was a treat to see the Seattle community again- and make new friends. A BIG BIG thank you to all of the lovelies that came to my workshop (in the very last time slot of the festival). I know you were all exhausted, but I can’t thank you enough for hanging in there, and listening and PLAYING.

Thank you to all that gave kind words about my performance on Friday. I really wanted to make it special for all of you! That night was amazing- not only did I get to exhibit my craft of solo improv- but I also got to show my LOVE of group Improv with Unmata and Dahlia. WHAT A FREAKIN RUSH!!!!

On the social end of Cues was a wild herd of glitterfied ruffians I am lucky enough to call my friends! My two brain sisters/besties (Marie and Jeanne) came in from Boise, ID with Cairo Fusion Dance Co. (and CF rocked it at the afterparty!)  This provided a much needed download with them ::insert random noises, snarky comments, and general hive mentality here:: as well as the usual hijinks of food, booze, and ridiculous dancing. I lub them.

How is THAT the only picture the three of us got together? And why you two look so gooooooddd?

There is also another group which made the weekend more than bushels of fun. Tessera- I’m lookin’ at you. (Janet, Jesse, Sophia, and special guest)(coughWENDYcough) I won’t write down all of the antics witnessed, and I’m sure I’m not privy to a bunch of them- but all I can say is ALL THE LUBS FOR YOUUUUUUUU. The Re-Bar… oh man…

And my Seattle visit would be definitely incomplete had I not
DERPED LIKE A BOSS with my pal Sarah. XO!


Oh- and Amar was there. He’s my best. Helped me on Friday before the Instructors Show, and then I got to help him on Saturday because of the afterparty. Yup. Best.

The Yeti in his natural habitat. Enjoying coffee and sweets for breakfast.

And finally, the Beats Antique show at Ace of Spades in Sacramento last night. DAmn. What a rush! Dancing with Bhoomi Project is still new and exciting for me. I’m still a bit of a fan girl, I think… It’s amazing being up there with them! It was an amazing night with two of my dance families coming together (Hot POt represented in the crowd, and UNMATA performed a set before we went on) emotional, crazy making, fun, AGGHHHHHHHH MOMENTS!

This life is crazy. This life is fun. This life can be hard. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try to make the best of it.


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