2014: Started off Bad, Getting much much better.

House of Tarot Photo Shoot
House of Tarot Photo Shoot

So, a lot of exciting stuff has happened for me lately, and I’d like to share. 2014 started off being a bit of a downer as I got sick TWICE in 1 month. (ARG!) but in spite of it, here’s what has happened:

I got to take the Hot Pot Level 3 Intensive again (took it last January, too) and was BLOWN AWAY by my learning group this time. We had an amazing time, and I got to solidify my knowledge of this amazing dance. (I  my I.T.S. family to the ends of the Earth!)

Last week, The House of Tarot rehearsals rocked my world- I’ve already expressed my amazement at all of it, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

In the next few months, I get to help and perform at Tribal Roots Revival(Rakkasah weekend) – perform with the Tarot crew at The Massive Spectacular – teach and perform at Cues & Tattoos – celebrate UNMATA at the 420 Weekend with UNMATA & April Rose in Twin Falls, Idaho – choreograph for an amazing group of ladies for the Tribal FEst Afterparty – and then perform with House of Tarot again, closing out Tribal Fest.

Here’s the icing on the cake, everyone: I was asked to be the newest member of Zoe Jake’s The Bhoomi Project!!! I am so honored, happy, and excited to be part of this group of dancers. I’ll be performing with them at the Beats Antique show this friday (at The Independent) and then again at the beginning of April in Sacramento!

2014 started off in a crazy way, but the good stuff is definitely weighing out the bad at this point. Thanks to all of my teachers for helping me get this far, and to my students for constantly inspiring me! WOOOOOWWWWWWWW


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