March/April/May is over. That was quick. Pt 2

April was quiet compared to March, but we still had some fun. I turned 31! It was a low-key birthday (just the way I like ’em) but I got an excuse to hang out with a few people that I don’t get to see as much as I’d like.

We also had the Rockabilly version of Taverna Nights! My friend Tatyana and I have been doing this super small show every few months since last November, and it’s always a good time. (photos by Carrie Gocker)

The last 2 weeks of April were gearing up for May. Because oooooooooohhhhh booooyyy was there a lot to do.

May 1st: Eclectic Ensemble, Mayday Mayhem. We hadn’t done an E2 since last November, so our LA family was itchin’ to get their Improv on! If you haven’t heard of it, Eclectic Ensemble is an ALL IMPROV show that we do at Studio Iqaat. Amar came up with the idea a couple of year ago, and now it’s one of the most looked-forward-to events in the LA belly dance community. We contact a bunch of dancers about 3 weeks before (sometimes 1 week before) and see if they’re free for the evening. We make our line up of who’s available, and then as the dancers show up that night, I write their names on a piece of paper, and then drop them into a hat! Amar starts DJing, and we have Sooz (our ever amazing MC) pull names out of the hat. Each dancer only has 3 minutes with whatever Amar decides to play- and he even mixes blind into some tracks- to dance, improv, give good face, and just have a wonderful time!!! We love it so.

Our choosing of the May 1st date was to coincide with the fact that Zulu Lounge: La Nuit d’Absinthe was that Friday! What a production- it’s such a pleasure to share the stage with so many talented folks in one night! I had been sewing on my costume non-stop for days before- It has been dubbed “The Green Sha-Zam” and I am waiting to get proper photos.

Here’s a great slideshow of the evening:
(Click on the picture for the slideshow)

After Zulu Lounge, it was go go go sew sew sew plan plan plan for TRIBAL FEST 13!!!

This was the first year that I taught, and what a great experience it was! Overwhelming, but GREAT! My class was on Tuesday afternoon- the second timeslot of the whole week. My class had 18 amazing ladies that worked like champs towards unlocking the power of their non- dominant arms! (My workshop was about arm work- mostly trying to get people to work with that pesky left arm that likes to just hang out) We played together, danced together, and before I knew it- two hours gone! I can’t thank them enough for spending part of their first day of Tribal Fest with me.

Wednesday and Thursday were catch up and check in days with friends from near and far- a grand family reunion. Giggles with Dusty, ice cream with Maggie and Rufio, drinks and craziness with the Vancouver/UK/Slovenia crew! You want to see what part of MY week was like? Take a look at this:


Tribal Fest 13: It Got Weird from Scarlet Lux on Vimeo. (XOXOXOXO to the Scarlet Lux gals, Martina, Alexis, Denisa, Alexandra, and Dominika for being big ol goofs!)

THAT was how most of the friend reunions went. @_@ What can I say? We like each other.

Saturday afternoon I got to perform a solo on the Tribal Fest stage.

Friday and Saturday saw two of the best Tribal Fest Afterparties yet- I’ve been helping Amar plan this stuff for the last 9 months- he’s a planny mastermind, BTW – and we never know exactly what’s going to happen until the night of the events! This year, there were some SMALL hitches…..but everything went smoothly- We can’t thank everyone involved enough for giving their time and their talents to the evenings! I’m sure you will be seeing plenty of videos soon (if you haven’t already).

Highlights of the Afterparties: Karolina Lux and Michelle Sorensen Duet, The Megahen, and of course- THE SAMWICH!!! (again, videos soon)

Tribal Fest is something I look forward to- all year. But I’m glad it’s only once a year. That way we can make it special! 😀

Right after Tribal Fest, our friend Shanti came to stay and decompress a little before heading back down to Los Angeles (If you don’t know of Shanti, you should. She’s pretty darn amazing.) We had some nice, relaxy, MUCH NEEDED post-Tribal Fest days.

As soon as Shanti left, Alexis Southall came and crashed! What a lady! It was such a pleasure to be able to play  host to her and get to know this English dynamo. (Her husband came to visit for a few days as well. They’re pickin’ CUTE!) (And if you don’t know ALEXIS, well, you need to.)

TO wrap up June (even though it happened halfway through) I went and saw Devotion. It was so nice to see all of the extended FCBD® family working together on stage. One of the best part of the night was watching the performers what each other- they had set up a casual seating area to one side of the stage so that the dancers could come out, sit down, watch a couple of pieces and then go back to get ready for their part! Carolena was out there quite a bit watching the show- and seeing her smile was, I think, my favorite part! 😀

March, April, May, June……..that was a lot. I have a brief period of downtime, and then it’s off to Boise, ID for FUSION FEST!!!!




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