March/April/May is Over. That was quick. Part One

The last time I posted, it was right before we left for the Northwest and Cue & Tattoos. Let me fill you in.


Cues & Tattoos:

One of the most organized and best run festivals we have ever attended. Julia and Adrienne are either organizational ninjas, or they REALLY know how to delegate. From the moment Amar and I got there to set up (Amar ended up doing video for the event) to the end of the festival when we packed everything up- we knew where we were supposed to be, what time, and who to contact. AND there was inevitably someone around to answer questions if we had any. That’s not to say there weren’t ANY hiccups- but comparatively speaking, they were TINY.

I really enjoyed the format that Julia and Adrienne chose for the day time stage. There were 3 hour blocks of dancing from performers that had registered to dance, and then breaks so people could get up and shop without missing the dancers (and really- after 3 hours, don’t we all need a visual break?). These breaks also coincided with the workshops so that *gasp* the dancers didn’t have to miss their classes to perform. There was a moment during the end of the stage on Sunday when the schedule got a little behind- some of the dancers were still in class! SO what happened? The two gals running the stage that afternoon REWORKED THE SCHEDULE RIGHT THERE. I have NEVER seen this kind of organization. I really enjoyed cheering the stage managers on as they faced another scheduling problem, then fixed it.

Saturday Night was The Emerald Vardo- where Sam Riggs and I got to DEBUT the SAMWICH! What a blast. Riggs and her girls are amazing, and I’m ecstatic that I can call them friends. Great dancers, so committed to the dance, and just such good people!

Pictures or it didn’t happen! Performing at the Emerald Vardo, Seattle. (Cues & Tattoos Afterparty)

Amar and Lady Ra KILLED the dance floor that night. I don’t know when I’ve seen a dance floor that packed.

Seattle itself was a fun trip- a lot of food, as it always is for Amar and me – and getting to know the community up there was really fun. It was good to see Katrina(who hosted us last August) and Sarah (one of the aforementioned Super-StageManagers) on one of our last days.

I can’t wait to go back to Cues & Tattoos. I loved it so! πŸ˜€


I mentioned that I’m so happy I can call the Portico/Bellingham girls my friends… was completely confirmed by our time in Bellingham.

Riggs had us stay with her at what I’M calling The Tree Fort (cuz that’s what it felt like to me). She is among the best hosts we’ve ever had- so incredibly welcoming and relaxed. We didn’t know until shortly before we left California that the evening show that she planned for Amar and I was her FIRST production on her own! We know how much work it is (even with tiny shows) so it meant so much that she did this for us. Such Love. heehee

The show as at the Red Light- a little wine/small bites bar in downtown B-Ham. It was in a really old building (and if you know me, you know I love old buildings) and was TINY!! It ended up being perfect for the little show we had planned.

Some awesome dancers came all the way from Vancouver for the night (Amanda, Nicci, Sally, Angelina, I’m looking at you!) and all performed. I was so excited to meet them all. I knew OF Sally and Angelina (Scarlet Lux) through Martina Crowe, who I became friends with during our Europe trips, but had never actually met them! INSTANT LIKE, INSTANT FRIENDS. They’re nuts. I loved it. SO goofy and fun- I felt like I had been missing out not having known them longer! Amanda Stevens (Iron Pixie) had just returned from her Level One/Two training at Hot Pot (OH YEAH) and was talking about the intensive in the maniacal and reverent way that we all do when the week has just finished. I was great being able to talk to someone about the experience- I had just finished the Level 3 in January, so I totally understood her fervor! Amanda is incredibly devoted to her craft, and is one of the most enthusiastic and committed dancers I’ve ever seen. Nicci Tha Fae and I had never met before- and I really wish we had time to speak more. We had some amazing backstage snippets of conversation(like you do) and I just felt a little bit of a kindred spirit in her. Add to that- she’s a total dynamo on stage.

The Portico girls- you all are near and dear to my heart, now. Running all over town with you- meeting for late night food and then drinks at Sam’s- I’ll never forget it! (And I’m coming back for more.)

Sam Riggs. That lady is the same-name-sister I never knew I had. Performing next to her is SO MUCH FUN. I feel like we give the same amount of energy to the audience- which is exciting, because that’s a lot of energy!

Like I said. My business with Bellingham is NOT over. I’ll be back. πŸ˜€

I’ll cover April and May in the next post……..



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