Northwest 2013- Here we come!

Amar and I are getting ready to hit Cues & Tattoos, visit some friends, and have a wild weekend with the Bellingham crew for The Samwich! (See the images below for details).

We are thrilled to be attending Cues & Tattoos for the first time, and hope to be able to meet and talk to so many of you that we’ve only met online! We’ve heard nothing but good things about the event, and are looking forward to vending at the festival as well as performing at The Emerald Vardo (Cues & Tattoos Afterparty).

Sam Riggs and the ladies of Portico are REALLY hooking us up with THE SAMWICH! Not only a night of performances with the Bellingham crew AND the dancers of Vancouver, but also a day of workshops with me (Calamity Sam) and Sam Riggs! EEEEEEE! I’m really excited about this one. We’ll be seeing you all soon!




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