Wow. Here it is. 2013.

Amar and I had a wonderful visit to Boise, ID to start off the new year- saw a friend get married, got to play Aunt and Uncle to two adorable children, and spent some quality time with some of our FAVORITE people in the world. We love you, Cairo Fusion!

I got to spend a day with Hot Pot Idaho (Christina and Jenna)- they had just gotten back from their annual journey to Hot Pot, and hauled their cookies all the way back up to Boise to spend an afternoon with me! I’m planning on furthering my Hot Pot vocabulary in a few weeks, and they let me pick their brains and get reacquainted with the format after a few months of no Hot Pot and only Sam dance. 😀 Three and a half hours sailed by without even noticing. I got some pointers from them, and am now looking forward to dive right back into ITS!

In other dance news, I’ll be performing with some amazing dancers in the BDSS Club Belly Dance show in Sacramento! (February 27th) The show is being hosted by UNMATA, and also features: Verbatim, Street Team, Adriane, Ruby Beh, Henna and Kohl, Michelle Joyce, and Calamity Sam (dats me! 🙂 ) I am so honored to be asked to perform. Check it out!


In March, Amar and I will be heading to Seattle for our very first Cues & Tattoos festival! Amar is teaching his music mixing workshop, and running the afterparty! I’ll be tagging along for moral support, AND to perform at the afterparty. Heehee…..I can’t help but dance when Amar DJs. CUES & TATTOOS!



May brings TRIBAL FEST 13- I’ll be teaching and performing at the Festival, and then helping Amar as he runs Tribal Brew: Tribal Fest Afterparty.

TFSamAd13 325590_10151031585371933_1680627571_o

SO- That’s what 2013 has in store so far. I’ll probably be updating things as they happen. OH- I’m trying my hardest to get classes of my own going, for those who are interested. I will also be updating as things unfold for that.

Happy 2013 to us all! xo Calamity


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