June- August 2012. It’s here. I’m ready.

Calamity Sam and Jenn Aguilar backstage at Zulu Lounge. Photo by Jenn.

The past couple of months have been great. I got a taste of having regular classes, and I LIKED IT! The inimitable Lady Fred was off teaching around the world, and left me in charge of her classes. We covered a lot of ground in those classes- the Intermediate Fusion class on Tuesday nights stuck with me as I introduced elements of Indian dance and Bollywood into their vocabulary, and the Wednesday night beginner class powered through a month focused on the arabic, and 3/4 shimmies. Each class was an accomplishment for me AND the students- I have a very different style of movement from Fred, and her students caught on to my ways FAST! SO honored to have been part of their dance journey for that short time. I had a lot of fun, and I definitely miss those classes, but Fred is back and ready to be with her students again! 🙂

I also went down to Zulu Lounge for the June show. Zulu Lounge: Transcendence was amazing. I got to dance with Shoop again, and we did some Improv with Hannah Trimbath- who was in Se7en with us. It was like coming home- so easy and fun to dance with people that you’ve known for so long. The Dangerous Beauties were also there, and closed out the show majestically!

Oh……and…….I’M TEACHING AT TRIBAL FEST™ 13!! THAT was an unexpected invitation, and one to which I am happy responding a gigantic YES! (More on this later)!

Now it’s time for ME to do the traveling. First up: FUSION FEST in Boise, Idaho.

Flyer by ME! Original Photos ©Pixie Vision Productions

What? A tribal fusion belly dance community in BOISE? YES. AND THEY ARE AMAZING! This has to be one of my favorite events all year (if not THE favorite). The ladies of Cairo Fusion (the producing dance company) are a tight knit group of committed dancers. There are even off-shoots of the main company that still participate, as well as an open connection to their local traditional and cabaret belly dancers. They’ve been hosting Amar as the official Fusion Fest DJ for the last 3 years, and after I came along just to perform 2 years ago- I have been made a member of the dance family. I can’t say enough about these people- I was quickly welcomed into their community, and now consider a few of them to be some of my closest friends! If you ever get the chance to head out there- DO IT. (Fusion Fest- Boise, Idaho – July 27th-29th)

After a crazy weekend in Boise, we’re going to head over to Oregon and Washington. One show in Tacoma, WA at Cirque de Bijoux(Aug 4th) with Katrina McCoy(who is another belly dance with Bollywood flair!), and one show in Seattle called Djinn & Tonic(Aug 5th)- put on by the delightful Skin Deep Dance. Amar will be DJing, and I’ll be performing along with many awesome dancers and the amazing Kristine Adams of FCBD®. Then we head down to Portland, Eugene, and Ashland to visit friends, see the sights, and work a wedding!

We’ll be back on August 12th, greeting by a string of friends coming to visit- and now to clean and pack! See you all soon!


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