2012. It’s here. and happening!

So it’s been a slow start to the year. November/December of 2011 was a crazy hailstorm of travel and work and holiday visits. Then January hit, and BOOM. Nothing. HA! It really makes you appreciate this life- being able to hustle and do 19 jobs at once, and then looking around and realizing that all of those jobs are done for now. (Which then leads to HOLY CRAP! those jobs are DONE!……now what?) 🙂

There are a few awesome things on the horizon for 2012….I am guest dancing in a troupe at Rakkasah- (more on who and where later….waiting for the official announcement!) Helping a friend organize what is looking to be an AMAZING show for the end of March in Los Angeles (again, more on that later), substitute teaching for one of my FAVORITE dancers ever (The Lady Fred), choreographing a piece for Cosmik Casbah – Tribal Fest Afterparty (I get to perform with one of my best friend EVER, the gal I credit for getting me into this dance life!!), and on top of all of that- I turn 30 in April! 😀 (trying to figure out if I actually want a party or just a gathering of friends…….)

Calamitous Costuming had to take a forced hiatus while I organized travel and home life, so hopefully that will be back on track within the next month or so. Look out for more jewelry and costuming creation from your truly!

I am so thankful for all of the challenges and adventures I had in 2011, all the friends I made all over the world, and can’t wait to see what 2012 brings! Happy new year, y’all!!


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