Life and travel and more……..

Amar and I are going full steam ahead with our plans for the upcoming Europe Revisited tour. We are trying to get Electric Vardo back on it’s feet as a working collaboration between the two of us. It’s really exciting to be able to work with him and other dancers to create a performance setting that’s welcoming and fun to watch!

I have been revamping both of our websites to suit a larger audience, and be more user friendly!!! I’ve seen WAY too many websites lately that are very confusing when you’re trying to find quick information. So to that end, we have the new site for:

DJ Amar/Solunmar Productions:
Electric Vardo

I’ll also be working on websites for a few friends and family soon. So much to do before we leave!

Dance wise I’ll be at LoveEvolution this Saturday doing Improv to Rob Garza’s (Theivery Corp.) set, going to class like a fiend, and getting my workshop material and choreography together for Europe!!

Thanks to all!


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