Where oh where did the time go?

Ok. So a lot has happened in the last few months, and I’m a big dork for not keeping up.

So! Here’s the super short version:

TribalRendezvous: freaking awesome

Zulu Lounge: always rules. Great night.

Bloodmoon Regale: now THAT was fun. And crazy. And crazyfun.

MOVE TO OAKLAND: wow. WOW. Still settling in, figuring things out, making it happen. Will let u know when I get to that point.

***FACEBOOK SUCKS. they deleted my account. DOH!

Things to look for: more streamlined web design, more updates, and HOPEFULLY, I’ll be teaching again soon!


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  1. Diana Walker says:

    Hey hey! I was the half crocked lady that hugged you at the New Delhi. That was a wonderful, wonderful way to start the new year! I can’t believe how spot-on your Bollywood dance was, including the Defiant Chin-Jack, the Bashful Hand, AND the freakin’ lip-synching! We are lucky to have you in the Bay area! I am definitely joining the tribe and no longer lurking in 2011. Huzzah!

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