June has come and gone…….

I’m drawing a blank……lemme look at my calendar.

OH YEAH! Cairo Carnival! Fun fun fun….. Made much more fun because I actually got to stay ON the ship this year. It’s a certain kind of creepy/cool place that you’ve really gotta check out. Amar and I had a vending table with our friend and Dance Coordinator Julia. I discovered that while it’s nice to have a base of operations for a festival (I.E. the vending table) it’s also really TIRING. Having to keep track of everything AND figure out how to schedule your time to see your friends dance? I donno if I’ll do that again. Well, I probably will once the “new-ness” of the festival stuff wears off.

We're on a BOAT! (Queen Mary '10)

But anyway. Cairo was really fun….some super amazing dancers and teachers there this year. The show they had on Saturday night was in the most beautiful room/banquet hall…….gorgeous artwork on the walls behind the stage. I danced on Friday night, to a crowd of about 15 people. HEEHEE! little crowds are fun tho.

Then there was the Electric Vardo/Cherchez La Femme show at Club 6 in San Francisco. Another Fun weekend of Shows and running around and not stopping until my body won’t go anymore. 😀  You can see pictures from that show at Taboo Media:

Electric Vardo/Cherchez La Femme at Club 6

Brad is an amazing photographer, and I feel so lucky to have been there!

The next night- Sherri, Amar, and I went from seeing the second half of Fat Chance Bellydance’s “Devotion” show (eeep! more about that in a minute) to Non-Stop Bhangra (weeee!!) to the Burning Man Fundraiser at The Concourse, and finally back to Non-Stop Bhangra to finish out the night. (With a quick stop at the Crepe place to re-fuel on the way home)

Devotion: We got there during the second act, so we had to wait for intermission to get in. Which means we missed quite a few people I wanted to see….including Superkate, and Rachel Brice. 😦 BUT we got in at the second half, in time to see some ROCKING ATS…and Colleena. Now, Amar will tell you that I sat there dumbfounded by Colleena’s Odissi performance…..and well, he’s right. I did. I don’t know what it is about Classical Indian dance that hits me so hard…..but to see the power and emotion and the intricacy of it- and so CLOSE!!(they put us on the floor right in front of the dance area) It just did me in. You can only imagine my elation to find out that she’ll be teaching an intensive in LA next month(August). i’m THERE!

**a quick aside to say how much it means when someone- who you respect professionally dance-wise – is a pleasure to meet in person! there have been quite a few people that i have been put-off by upon meeting them…..people that exude a certain amount of ego or territorial-ness when it really isn’t needed……so the women i finally got to meet on this trip up to SF was just a breath of fresh air. To have the people i respect confirm that they are good, REAL people is something i am very grateful for.

CONTINUING! Non-Stop Bhangra. non-stop energy. non-stop sauna of crazy dancing people!!! if you EVER get the chance to go to this- DO IT!!! it’s a kick in the pants, and you just feel happy as soon as you walk in!

Hookadome @ Burning Man Funraiser. wow wow WOW. One of the loosest and most fun dance sets I’ve ever done. Sherri and I tore it up, while Amar spun- and by the time we were done, we had the whole tent PACKED with people dancing with us, and dancing to Amar’s tracks. so. much. FUN!

Back to Non-Stop Bhangra on one of the coldest nights in SF I’ve ever experienced. WHEW! and….note to self….when running around SF at night, looking for a cab (of which there are FIVE) – it’s best to wear some sort of sneaker. and not the Ballet flats i thought would be a good idea. DOH! We ended the night of dancing, tired and sweating at Non-Stop Bhangra. Sherri and I passed out in the car on the way home. Amar was the good guy and drove us home safely. 😀

Later on in the month, I got to go to April Rose’s last LA workshop! That girl will KICK YOUR ASS. It was great. Loved her drills and the intense choreo she taught us. I could expound on this more, but you should really just go take her class. go! it’ll be fun. When she comes back from dancing with Belly Dance Super Stars, of course. The talented little minx!

HUGS! More later.


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  1. Adrienn says:

    but your friends really appreciated how sweet you were in making sure to make time to see them dance ❤

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