Originally Posted on 5/31/10

So this month started out with an amazing night of dance at Zulu Lounge. Khani Jo and Zulu put together an amazing bunch of performers from a live Cellist(wow!) to modern and interpretive dance, and also our fantastic community of Fusion bellydance. I really liked my peformance…..even though I forgot to tie my belt tight enough, and off it came during a shimmy. DOH!

Zoe Jakes was the special guest- always a pleasure to see that woman dance. She blows me away every time. One of the strongest dancers I know, and has such a great stage presence. She was one of my favorites that night, but not my only. I highly recommend checking out the next one- should be in September. We’ll promote the HELL out of it when it comes around. Don’t worry. 🙂

Next up was Tribal Fest. My FIRST Tribal Fest. It’s like the ultimate gathering for all Tribal,Tribal Fusion, and Fusion belly dance. I like to say it’s like the San Diego ComicCon for belly dancers. I have been dreaming of going ever since I first started bellydancing- all of the first videos I had drooled over had been filmed at this Festival. So when I got the chance to go and perform THREE (eep!) times, I had to do it.

I will never EVER forget it. I got to dance in a trio with my two favorite teachers, friends and bellydance IDOLS!- Heather Shoopman and Sherri aka Cherchez La Femme. These two ladies were essential to my formative belly dance days, and if I had known when I started dancing that they would want me to perform professionally with them…………….I don’t think I would have believed it. It’s been such a rush choreographing and dancing with them. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to really believe it’s real! 😀

Love these Ladies. Friends, teachers, and dance idols!

I also got the chance to perform in the Electric Vardo/ DJ Amar set on Sunday afternoon RIGHT BEFORE UNMATA! (talk about intimidating…..) But it was AMAZING! To be on that stage finally?! what a rush. I luckily had a brief interlude with Sherri that was hella fun, and Shoop was right next to the stage cheering us on. (She had gone on earlier and totally rocked it.)

So! Tribal Fest= A LOT…..but a crazy amount of AWESOME. took me about a week and a half to finally come down from it. And when I finally did, it was time to Prep for my Trial class at Dance Garden!!!! They’re trying to fill their Thursday night line up- and I was one of the lucky teachers who got a chance at doing it. Will have to wait another couple of weeks to find out if it’s mine, but it was exciting either way.

It was called Tribal Fusion: Bollywood Elements. I LOVE Bollywood, and have finally gotten to a place where I can mix the drama and bounce of Filmi dance with the smooth, grounded elements of Tribal Fusion. The students blew me away with how fast they caught on, and I threw a LOT at them. We’ll see if it gets to continue!!!

And now it’s the end of the month! Cairo Caravan is next weekend. But that’s June. And I’ll tell you ALL about that when it’s over.



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